BEAULIEU-SUR-DORDOGNE    ( Less than 10 MINS  )   

Situated in the Dordogne Valley this aptly named medieval town, which is one of the most attractive villages of the upper Dordogne, is famed for the majestic 12th Century Abbatiale St-Pierre – once a stop on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.


An always lively Bastide town brought to ‘bustling pitch’ every Tuesday and Saturday by its famous markets. Don’t be late because the locals from miles around do their shopping here ……. early.

MARTEL  ( 20 mins ) 

As you approach this amazing medieval town you can clearly see why it is known as “The Town of The Seven Towers” . For centuries it has been the centre of the Nut growing region (walnuts ) and one just has to wonder in amazement at the roof timbers inside the ‘The Halle’ where grain measures can still be seen.

 ROCAMADOUR   ( 40 mins )

If not THE most, certainly one of the most famous sites in all of France. Perched on a 150m high cliff face the old city has been an important stop on one of the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela since the 12th century.

ST.CERE   ( 25 mins )

A beautifully relaxed small town overlooked by the commanding towers of Saint-Laurent-les-Tours . You can stroll through medieval streets and alleyways, sit in one of several open squares or relax with a grand creme ( or something stronger ) and watch the world go by. Bisected by the River Bave, a tributary of the Dordogne, this river was itself split in 1611 to run in several canals underneath parts of the town. Prior to this work being done St Cere was frequently flooded and became known as ‘The Little Venice of the Lot’.

TURENNE  ( 20 mins )

The stunning hilltop village of Turenne is dominated by its Chateau built on a sheer limestone outcrop that affords superb panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. See further below.

This website also covers the close by villages of :-


VIN PAILLE – Why not have a taste  at Queyssac les Vignes with Christian Tronche, Jean-Louis Roche, Jean Gaubert or Daniel Gubert or Joel Soursac or Benoit Cid ? ………… or why not all of them ?

LES SIMPLES DE SOPHIE  –  Just round the corner and a short walk to the last house in La Queyrille  you can buy ( as we do ) your VERY fresh and VERY free range organic eggs together with any number of herbs, plants and related products. Every Friday Sophie conducts tours of her organic farm explaining ( in English ) the uses and benefits of everything she grows.

GLANES & BRANCEILLES VINYARDS  are worth a visit to taste their reds , rosés & whites .

BRASSERIE CORREZIENNE – Close to Curemonte has at least 10 different beers for you to experience

Le GOUFFRE de PADIRAC  – lets you become a troglodyte as you take a punt ride on the astonishing waterway. At  La CAVE  you’ll ride the underground train to see the wonders of the caves and at Les GROTTES de PRESQUE you can be guided through a 40 minute walk.

ROCAMADOUR  –  is approached in two different ways. If you take the steep winding path down to this spectacularvillage you will pass the14 Stations of the Cross on your way. However  there are two lifts to take you there, and back to the top of the cliff, if you prefer not to walk.

ROCHER des AIGLES , at L’HOSPITALIER  – just above the village of Rocamadour, is the place to see  more than 400 birds of prey and parrots – try not to miss the flying displays , especially that of the Eagles.

QUADBIKES, BICYCLES or CANOES  –  too energetic ?, surely not, so you can hire them in the locality to rev., peddle or paddle away the hours.

CHATEAU de CASTELNAU – BRETENOUX  – France’s 2nd largest castle allows you to immerse yourselves in Medieval history. At TURENNE …..  you can climb the tower at the top of the castle of the Viscounts of Turenne who ruled the entire region including the three present day surrounding Departements.

PREHISTOLOGIA – THE DINOSAUR PARK or THE PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE PARK  – close to La Cave, takes you much further back in time , so go and show the children just how massive these creatures really were.

ST CERE FESTIVAL – for classical music and arts aficionados to sample during July & August  LAROQUEBRU on the other hand , holds the worlds biggest  Boogie Woogie Festival, also during August.

REPTILAND at Martel may make you squirm a little , but is well worth a visit.

LE TRUFFADOU  is the steam railway which once transported truffles and nuts to market in Martel. You can now take their place and ride the rails between Martel and St. Denis lès Martel through the tunnels in the cliffs on the banks of the Dordogne.